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Related post: Date: Fri, nude dominican models 22 Jan 2010 18:14:07 EST From: Subject: Randy and TommyThis story cannot be posted anywhere except Nifty without permission of author. It belongs to me.No one should read this if they are offended by sex between brothers.I recently started reading stories on nifty. After reading some of the incest stories that are fiction, I decided to write my story, which is true. I hope you enjoy it. I'm tiny model incest not a very good writer, but I'll try my best.My brother Randy, who is older by 23 months, and I grew up like most brothers. We'd fight and then get along and be good friends. When I entered high school, I became known as Randy's kid brother. Everyone knew him. He was kind of a popular, smart, jock type. He was a junior and was on the varsity basketball team. I was never very athletic, but he and I played hoops in our driveway and we had recently started working out with weights in our garage. I remember that it was the beginning of what seemed like us becoming good friends. Now, he is my best friend.Randy and I grew up not coltish teen models being shy around each other. I guess it's because my dad would take us camping with female model galleries him, his brother and his son every summer. We'd go packing in the backcountry and spend the days swimming in a lake without any clothes on. Also, I remember for a long time, as kids, once a week or so, we'd shower with my dad. It always seemed like a fun and special thing to do. A wals model guy thing. So, although Randy and I did not share a bedroom, we did share a bathroom and it was not unusual for us to see each other naked.The Easter emmie model video vacation of my freshman year, we went to visit my grandparents. Usually, they came to visit us for Easter, but my granddad had been ill and we decided to visit them. They have a small house, so my parents stayed in a hotel, but left Randy and me at my grandparent's house to sleep there. Their extra bedroom only had a small bed for two people.Randy and I had shared this bed before, so I don't think either one of us thought much about it. Randy had started sleeping in the nude, like my dad, but I was still sleeping in boxers. But when we went to bed that night Randy left his boxers on.I was becoming pretty convinced that I vladmodel tgp was gay at this time. modeling websites I didn't want anyone to know so I acted and talked like all the other straight guys. But I was aware of being really turned on by guys and I remember studio models boy always checking Randy out when he was naked.We spent five nights at my grandparent's. The first night we went to bed together. We tried to stay close to the edge of the bed, but it was hard not to amateur housewife models be touching each other. After a couple of nights things seemed a lot more comfortable. 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Just watch."The guy, who was very cute, smooth and lean, lay down on the bed, rolled his legs over his head and put half of his dick into his mouth. Randy looked at me and smiled. I just watched the video. "Shit," I said. "Yeah, I tried that, but damn I didn't think anyone could actually do that."The guy kept sucking and jerking on his dick. Randy said, "It looks like he gets about half of it in his mouth." The guys kept moaning and jerking and sucking. I now had a hard on. I glance over at Randy's crotch. He was wearing a pair of boxer shorts. His tee shirt was over his lap, but it looked like he was hard. "Watch this," Randy said. The guy started jerking hard with his mouth open and his tongue licking his dick head. I felt my ears burning red. I knew what he was going to do. I had done it several times when I was really horny. 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I could feel my face was hot. "It's not so bad.""Yeah. Damn, I wish I could do that. I bet it feels so awesome." He seemed so relaxed. I was really nervous and I was trying to make sure he couldn't see that I was hard. He young pajama model stood up. His boner, which was pushing against his boxer shorts, was now obvious. He walked to his door, opened it and glanced into the hall. He seemed to be listening. He lds young models closed the door and locked it. "They're in bed." He sat on hire russian model the bed beside jennifer lafleur model me and said, "Can you really lick your dick?""Yeah." My heart was pounding.He alex horn model said, "Be a cool brother and let me see you do it," and smiled.I laughed. "Yeah, sure and then you'll tell people that I'm a cocksucker.""No I won't. I promise. I never called you a cocksucker and I never would. If I could do it, I'd let you watch.""Then let me see you try," I said."Sure, and then you'll do it?" he asked. I nodded. He took off his tee shirt. Both our chests were bare. He looked at me. "You take yours off at the same time," he said. I nodded. We both took hold of the waistbands of our boxers and looking into each other's eyes, we pulled our underwear off. I noticed him glancing at my dick. I glanced at his.My dick was longer than his; seven and a half inches. His was about an inch shorter, but his dick was thicker than mine and his balls were bigger. We stared at each other's erection. I could not stop looking at his crotch. He didn't seem to mind. He lay on his bed and stroked his dick for a few seconds and then rolled his feet over his head hooking them into his headboard. I moved to get a better view. He kept pressing down toward his mouth as he stuck out his tongue. He was about a half inch from his tongue.I said, "Fuck, you're not that far. I bet if you stretch out you could do it."He got off the bed and began stretching. Randy was almost six feet and about 150 pounds. He looks like an athlete. He had broad shoulders, great arms and chest, a nice six pack and a small waist. He stood in his room, still hard, stretching out his hamstrings and his back. I got up and began stretching with him. I couldn't believe we were doing this side-by-side, naked and hard.I was about a couple inches shorter than him and 130 pounds. Although I had been working out with weights, I was still ukrainian porn model pretty lean.After about five minutes, he lay down on his bed again. He rolled his legs over his head and pressed into himself. I watched. His tongue was just able to touch his dick head. I said, "Let top model pussy me help you." I got on the bed behind him. I put my hand on his butt and leaned around so I could watch. I began to gently apply pressure.He was making the weirdest sounds as he stuck out his tongue and model next door licked his dick head."Enough, my back is hurting." I let go of him. He unrolled. "Maybe if I really keep stretch each day, I'll be able to." He looked at me and said, "You try it."I lay down. I didn't have to stroke my dick. It was rock hard. He stood beside the bed and watched me as he jerking on his dick. I rolled my legs over me. I hooked my feet into his headboard and began walking myself down getting closer and closer. Randy crouched down and watched. I pulled on my dick and stuck out my tongue model 17yo and began licking my dick head.Randy put his hand on my butt and began slowly pushing. I could see that he was stroking russia fkk model with his other hand. I gave it one last push and actually got my lips around my cockhead."Oh fuck, Tommy. Good job."I began stroking my dick and licking it and trying to suck on it. I was close. I stopped."Go for it," Randy said."I don't know," I said, feeling embarrassed."Okay, get up. I'll do it and then will you?"I looked at him. scene kid model "You'll do it?" I asked. He nodded. I knew I could trust him. He was never someone who tried to fuck with me. I began stroking my dick. Again, I could see him stroking. He was half on the bed beside me. I was stroking hard, my mouth wide open. I began to moan.Randy said, "Yeah, go for it."I started cumming. I began swallowing it as I kept cumming. Some of it landed on my lips and chin, but most of it made it way down my throat."Fuck, that was intense," Randy said, looking at me. I unrolled and lay flat on the bed. I was still gently stroking my dick as I licked my lips clean. "How was it?"I looked at him again, feeling embarrassed, and said, "Kind of fun. I mean, it really doesn't taste that bad." He smiled at me and nodded. I said, "Your turn."I stood up. Without hesitation, he lay on the bed and rolled his legs over his head. I got beside him and watched as he jerked off. He said, "You're right it is kind of weird with you watching.""Yeah, but I did it." He smiled at me and started jerking. His dick was about two inches from his mouth. 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But this was the first time that we ever wrestled in the nude and when he sat on my chest I could feel his balls on my stomach.When he rolled off sexiest nude models of me, he caught sight of my hard on. "Damn, you ready to go again." I shrugged. He smiled and said, "You enjoyed watching that didn't you?" I felt scared all of a sudden. "That's cool. I enjoyed it, too. Now go to your room and go to bed." I picked up my boxers and started to my room. Randy said, "Hey Tommy." I looked at him. "You're a cool brother."I smiled, "Thanks, so are you."After that Randy made no effort to hide his morning wood. He'd walk from his bedroom, into the bathroom naked while I was in the shower. When I stepped out, he'd step in. I'd hang around drying off after I figured out that he'd jerk off in the shower. The shower doors were that frosted glass, but I could see what he was doing. I always jerked off in my room, but I decided that I'd jerk off in the shower in the morning while he waited for me to get out. I knew he could see me. I'd hear in brushing his teeth. He young model sandi might luke teen model say something to me and then I'd start jerking off . I'd usually cum in about a minute.We never said anything about what we did that night and we never talked about jerking off in the shower.When summer started, we both had two weeks off before we started summer school. We never had to go to summer school, but our parents didn't want us wasting the summers, so it was school or a job of some kind. We decided on school. It was just two classes that went from morning to noon. Then we had the afternoons off.Each summer, before we started school, we went on our hiking trip with my uncle and cousin, but my granddad was still not well and my parents wanted to visit them again. Again, Randy and I shared a bed. This time I was looking forward to it.The first night we talked, joked, poked and then went to sleep. All I could think about prteen model sites was his dick and wondered if he'd roll over on me again. The second night we talked about being horny and needing to jerk off. He said, "I guess we could go take turns taking a shower." I laughed. I noticed he was rubbing his dick. My heart was beating so hard I thought for sure he could hear it. He said, "I have to jerk off, how about you?""Yeah, sure," I said. He pulled down the sheet and pulled off his boxers. He looked at me. I pulled mine off. We began jerking.He was watching me. He said, "You're dick is bigger than mine, asshole."I chuckled. "Yeah, but yours is bigger around and your balls are bigger.""Really?" he said. He sat up, put on the lamp near the bed and stared at my crotch. Then he looked at his. "Can I check yours out?"My face got hot. "Yeah, sure." I badongo sandra model let go of my dick. He took my scrotum in his hand and felt my balls and then felt his."Yeah, mine are bigger, but not much." He then took my dick in his hand to see sexmodel brazil how much was left above his hand. little bella model He then touched his. "Yeah, I'm thicker, but you're about an inch longer."I took a deep breath and sat up. He lay down. I took his balls in my hand and youngest models then mine. Then I wrapped my fingers around his dick. I didn't want to let go. I gave it a couple of strokes and looked at him. He smiled and shrugged. I gave it a couple more strokes. He asian model inports said, "Since you'd suck your own dick if you could, would you suck someone else's dick."I felt scared. I let go of child modelling nude his dick. I shrugged. I said, "Would you?""I guess I would but I wouldn't want anyone to know.""I lay down beside him. He turned off the light. "Wouldn't the guy whose dick you sucked know?""Yeah, sure, but he'd have to be someone I really trusted. I mean I wouldn't want anyone else knowing.""Yeah, I agree. If people didn't know, I'd do it." I asked, "Have you ever had a girl suck your dick?""Yeah, a couple of girls, but it wasn't very good," he said and laughed.I took a deep breath and said, "So, do you trust me?""Yeah, more than anyone. Besides, you already have dirt on me," he said. "So, if I blow you, will you blow me?""Yeah, I guess."He sat up and moved. He took hold of my dick and said, "Since I'm going first, I think you should own me two blow jobs." He squeezed my dick."Okay, that sounds fair," I said.He laughed and said, "I was just kidding, but that's a deal." Fuck, I thought, I'd blow him every night for a week if he blows me just once.The next thing I felt was his warm mouth on my dick. It felt incredible. He'd suck on my dick and then stop, taking it out of his mouth. "Is it bad," I asked."No, not really. But I can tell your going to cum.""Do I cum in your mouth?" I asked."If you do, then I'm going to cum in yours," he said. I nodded. He asked, "So, which is it?""You can cum littlegirl model bikini in my mouth," I said.He nodded. He started sucking on my dick. He was right. I was close to cumming. He began sucking hard. It was the most incredible feeling I'd had ever had. Up until then, I had not had a blowjob. I could feel my cum moving through my balls. I began moaning and shaking all over as he sucked hard. I grabbed teen nude model his head as I started cumming in his mouth. He swallowed my cum and then stopped sucking on my dick.He lay beside me. My body was still shaking. "I guess you liked it," he said.I looked at him and said, "I never came so hard. That was awesome." I lay there for a moment. "Was it bad?""No," he said. "Swallowing your cum was easier than swallowing indonesian nude models mine. Suck your dick was no big deal."I'm not sure I ever got soft. I was ready. I scooted down, took his cock in my hand, opened my mouth and did what I had been dreaming about for months. I took his tasty dick into my mouth. As soon as I did, Randy moaned. He placed his hand on my head and began gently pushing my head up and down. I began taking more and more of his dick into my mouth. Soon I had my face against his pubes. Randy was loving it.I could feel the head of his dick getting rock hard in my mouth. He was breathing hard. I was excited. I wanted his cum. All I could think about was the teen model lilli thick streams of cum that I saw months ago. Randy's body went rigid and then he began shaking. Streams of cum exploded from his dick. I kept sucking and swallowing. I didn't want him to stop.I heard Randy laugh and then I pulled my head off his dick. "It's sensitive." I sat up and then lay down beside him. I could taste his cum and it was awesome. My dick was still rock hard. He looked at me. "Fuck, that was intense." We lay beside each other and didn't speak. He asked, "Are you okay?""Yeah, I'm great. How are you?""I'm good." He laughed. "I still have one coming," he said and poked me.We lay and talked for a while. nude outdoor models I could see that he was still hard. So was I. He kept touching his dick, gis data model lifting it up and then smacking it against his stomach. asian model list I wanted to suck it again, so I asked, "You want the blow job I pink teen models owe you now?"He laughed. "You don't owe me one. I was just kidding.""No, it's vlad models asian cool. I don't mind. You went first. It's cool," I said."Yeah, sure, if you really are okay with it." I was more than okay with it. I scooted down, took his dick in my mouth and started sucking. It took longer for him to cum this time, but that was fine with me. I would have sucked him all night. When he got close he began running his hand through my hair and thrusting into my mouth. I was katia preeteen model really enjoying that. 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"So, do you think you're straight or bi or gay?" I felt really embarrassed again. I shrugged and then I thought I was going to kid model movies cry. "Hey, Tommy, it's cool, whatever you are."I said, "Probably gay." I looked at him. "I've never really been attracted to girls. I mean I wish I was, teens tokyo models but I don't think I have been.""That's cool. Gay is okay. busty bikini models I wouldn't run and tell Mom and Dad just yet." I nodded. He said, "You know it's kind of cool this happened." I looked at him. "We can talk about stuff. You child models xxs can talk to me about whatever you want."I nodded. "Yeah, that's true. I've never told anyone before."He put his hand on my chest and shook me as if he was reassuring me.We decided to put our boxers on, just in case someone came into the room models under 7yo in the morning to wake us.I did wake him with a blow job. When I was done, I got up, got in the shower and began jerking off. Minutes later, Randy was standing in the shower jerking me off. I stood facing him as he stroked my dick using the soap. I held him as I began to cum all over his stomach.We blew each other each night we stayed at my grandparents. The first night we slept in our own bedrooms, I wondered what would happen. Nothing happened. The next morning I hear him in the shower. I got up. I opened the door of the shower and stepped in. He hadn't jerked off. I touched his dick. He got hard. He touched my dick which was already hard. I said, "Can I suck you?" He smiled and nodded. I got on my knees, took his dick in my mouth and sucked. As I did, I jerked off. He quickly filled my mouth with his cum. I stood up, still stroking my dick. He took my dick and began stroking it. Almost immediately I came. He held me as I did.That summer we got to be really close, spending a lot of time together. We went to the beach after school with friends of Randy's. It was cool hanging out with them. I was the kid in the crowd and always got teased, a couple of times they pulled my suit off me and threw me in the water and laughed. Randy always kept an eye on me making sure it didn't get out of hand, but I loved it.I probably blew Randy at least once every day, usually twice and sometimes three times. I'd pregnant models needed usually follow him into the shower in the morning and blow him. He'd finish me off with his hand. Sometimes we'd get home from school for lunch and my mom would be out. He' look at me and say, "You feel like sucking dick." I nodded and smile and off we' go to his room. He usually blew me at least once a day, at night after our parents went to bed.I knew about guys fucking and had seen some porn on my computer. I saw guys fucking themselves with dildos that seemed the size of baseball bat. I couldn't imagine what that must feel like, but I did wonder what it was like. I started looking for things to fuck myself with. I used my finger. I used a marking pen. I went to the kitchen a found a carrot and used it. Of course, I thought about Randy fucking me, but I knew he'd say no. Or, at least, I thought he would. I reasoned that if he wanted to fuck me, he would have said so by now. In all the time we were having sex, he never even touched my asshole.School started. It was Randy's senior year. He was hunting for a college to go to. He and my parents and I went to several colleges that he was thinking about. He was excited about two or three of them. A couple of his friends were considering a college that was about a hundred miles away. Randy wasn't really interested in it, but a couple of his friends were trying to talk ls models idol him into it. He decided to apply as a second or third choice. He heard they were having an open house one weekend. He asked my parents if he could go for a day and stay over night. They would not let him go alone. He asked them if he could take me with him. My dad finally agreed if he promised not to drink. He promised.We were going to drive up after school on Friday and stay until Sunday afternoon.I was surprised that when he asked to take someone, tropical teen model he suggested me. I knew his friends were going up and thought for sure he'd suggest that they'd be together. He told me that Dad got us a room at a hotel near the college and that we'd meet his friends, who I knew from hanging out with them during the summer. They were both cool guys. But, from what I knew, they were going up with their parents for the day.Randy said he thought it would be really cool to just hang out at a college over the weekend. I think my dad thought that I would keep Randy out of trouble.After school on Friday, Randy and I got in my mom's car and took off for college. We checked into the hotel. That was so cool. I'd stayed in hotels before, but never with just Randy. It felt like we were adults. 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I was the only guy he had ever had sex with. I told him that I'd have a boyfriend and still have sex with him.John and I lived together our senior year. When we graduated, I moved to the city where Randy lived where I was accepted to graduate school. John moved back home to live with his parents. Randy had a girlfriend that he was serious about, but they weren't living together. Randy suggested that I move in with him while I got accustomed to the city and met people. We lived together for almost a year. Again, we had sex often. We gave each other head and Randy fucked me. Once in a while, Randy would say, `climb on' and I'd fuck him.I moved out six months ago. I have a small apartment about ten minutes from him. He and his girlfriend are talking about getting married. I like her. She's really smart, pretty and fun. I'm dating a guy who I really like that is also a graduate student. He's great in bed (LOL).Every once in a while, cindymodel probably about twice a month, Randy calls me and asks if we can hook up. I always say yes. No matter how good the sex is my boyfriend, there is something special about hooking up with Randy. Every time he calls and asks to meet, my face warms with excitement. Recently, Randy said, "Between the times I call you and ask to hook up with you, do you ever think that you want to hook up with me?"I said, "Yes.""So, then why don't you call and ask to hook up?"I said, "I don't know. I figure that when you want to, you'll call.""Well, you can call and ask and if I can't or don't want to, I'll say so, but you should call, too."Last month I called him one afternoon. It was about ten days after he had called me and we hooked preten top models up. He chuckled and said, "I was just thinking that it's been a while since I got fucked. Are you up for that?""Hell, yeah. 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